Recruiting the best coworking team

CREC team

Your team is everything: the heart of your community and the engine of your coworking business Coworking is a young industry; consequently, there aren’t a lot of coworking professionals with experience in the labor market compared to other industries. In any case, if you have good knowledge of the needs of your business, you can […]

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Dos and donts on marketing and communication for coworking spaces

Marketing and Communication are of high importance to reach out your potential coworking community and partners, as well as to launch and strengthen your company branding. Today we suggest you some dos and donts that will help you to avoid some common mistakes as well as to improve your Marketing and Communication plan, particularly if […]

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Taking care of your coworking space: Co-habitation rules

A coworking space is coworkers second home Keeping any shared space clean, organised, secure and comfortable can be an issue for those who occupy it. When talking about a coworking space, the problem will only get worse if the manager of the space doesn’t prevent this from the beginning; especially when the community grows. The […]

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