Operations Management

We operate your Coworking or Coliving for you under your brand!

Work with us to minimise risks while maximising your potential for success and learn all about coworking and/or coliving. 

We help owners with real estate assets to exploit them as Coworking and/or Coliving businesses under the owner’s brand.

Many clients have asked us to develop a Coworking or Coliving project; their most significant challenge was operating a business they do not know and need experience in. Some asked us to find an operator for them; others took the plunge. For this reason, at HWL, we have created this service in which we mitigate this risk at the beginning of the business, sharing all the company’s know-how during the whole process to prepare the client to operate on his own.

We develop the whole business from concept to launch and take over the management during the initial years. We operate under a management agreement sharing the know-how with you at all times until the end of the contract when you know how the business works.

How does it work?

We provide an integral service in developing the business from concept to management. We operate under Management Agreement:

  • Development of the project.
  • Operations management under client's brand.
  • Know-how transfer during the whole process until the end of the agreement.
  • CAPEX and OPEX is paid by the client.
  • HWL receives a monthly management fee as a compensation for operating the business.
  • The agreement length is minimum of 5 years.

Why Choose Our Operations
Management Services?

Contracting HWL under a Management Agreement, you will have several benefits, including:


The client will have access to a team with extensive knowledge and experience in the Coworking and Coliving industry, ensuring the project’s success from conceptualisation to implementation.

Minimised Risk

The client assumes the construction investment and operational costs, but HWL operates the business until the end of the contract, allowing the client to minimise risks during the beginning, the most critical period of the business.

Ownership and Control

The entire business, including the brand, Coworking or Coliving operations, belongs to the client. The client has control of the business at all times, and all the know-how is transferred to the client during the agreement, allowing them to continue being a successful operator under the same brand.

Integral Service

HWL offers an integral service for developing the Coworking or Coliving project, providing the client with a turnkey solution. The client doesn’t have to worry about anything; HWL takes care of everything, from conceptualisation to implementation.


The client will have a profitable business under its brand, thanks to HWL’s experience and know-how, allowing the client to maximise their return on investment.


The client saves time by hiring HWL to operate the business. They don’t have to worry about the day-to-day operations, allowing them to focus on other businesses or their personal life.


The client’s brand will benefit from HWL’s reputation in the industry, giving them a competitive advantage in the market and access to the HWL network.

Trained and Experienced Team

By the end of the agreement, the client will have a trained and experienced team, thanks to HWL’s knowledge transfer, ensuring the continuity and success of the business.

Are you an owner who wants to operate under your brand and control your business 100%?

What Clients Say About Us

“HWL has unbeatable experience, from branding insights to strategic advice. HWL team know-how, experience and sponsors contacts were key to launch the opening of our second coworking space.The Mk strategy designed clearly contributed to the success of our launching.”

Ruth Palacio, founder at Coworkidea.

Credits: Coworkidea

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Credits: Coworkidea

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