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Welcome to the
New Culture

Remote Work has accelerated flexibility in our lives and work. Coworking spaces are the new office, Coliving spaces are the new home.

As remote working is becoming the norm, the concepts of Coliving and Coworking are merging, hybridising both to what we call a Coplace, as a solution to meet the new needs of today’s society.

At HWL we are excited to be riding the wave of this revolution. We have a mission to help individuals and corporations embrace this transformation. Our team of experts has been working in the Co-Culture for over a decade and has developed over 50 projects worldwide.

The way we work and live has changed.

Embrace the Co-Culture with us.

¿Are you ready?

We develop
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Coliving and
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It’s time to start the journey towards the New Culture. We can help you with:

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Who are our Clients and What are they Looking For?


Property Owners, Real Estate Companies & Investors

Looking for:
  • Incrementation of portfolio value.
  • Better ROI.
  • Increase asset value.
  • Direct contact with final user.
  • Data gathering.
  • Productivity on underused property.
  • Flexibility on leasing contracts that benefit startups life cycle.
  • Space design focussed on people needs.
  • Services and amenities to attract and retain tenants.


Looking for:
  • To become a coliving, coworking or coplace operator.
  • Business model optimisation.
  • Efficiency and effectiveness in operation management.
  • Balance of the mix of products and services.
  • Better knowledge and overview of the sector.
  • Maximisation of the layout and the use of the space.
  • Differential value proposition.
  • Collaborative ecosystem dynamisation.


Looking for:
  • To grow and expand locations.
  • To improve operations.
  • To integrate innovative business lines.
  • To improve customer journey experience.
  • To improve space layout.
  • To participate in a training program to update industry knowledge and skills.


Looking for:
  • Convert their office into coworking space.
  • Adapt the office to the hybrid work.
  • Integrate and automate booking processes.
  • More efficiency and productivity for their employees.
  • A real collaboration ecosystem.
  • A new source of open innovation.
  • Better employee engagement, sense of belonging and motivation.
  • Attraction and retention of talent.
  • Improved company culture.

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