Types of coworking spaces

Remote working is becoming preferred for many workers and companies as it offers flexibility and autonomy. However, it can be overwhelming for some people who telecommute from home because they need more space or the right environment or feel lonely and isolated. In this case, coworking is a good solution that comes in different forms. […]

Coplaces: the hybridisation of coworking and coliving


An inevitable merger: Coliving + coworking The normalisation of remote working impacts people’s lifestyles by changing how we live and work. This change means that spaces must adapt to offer a solution to the need to work from anywhere in the world. The traditional office has become less important in favour of coworking which allows […]

Looking for a coworking or coliving operator to manage your property?


Why coliving and coworking are attractive investments Coliving and coworking are a very attractive investment opportunity as they are flexible real estate solutions that offer higher returns than traditional residential and office rentals. The rate of return for both is between 7% and 11%. For this reason, real estate companies, investment funds, traditional developers, asset […]