Coliving “loopholes” and how to avoid falling into them: Legal issues to consider

It is well known, in Spain and in the rest of the world, that real-life progresses at a rate that often outpaces “legal life”. The last year has been and will continue to be (for quite some time, mind you…), a clear example of it. The coliving model, as a flexible and innovative housing model, […]

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Coworking platforms to get members

coworking apps

Today where do you want to work from? A coworking space is more than sharing a simple workspace. What makes it different is its international atmosphere, its flexibility and its accessibility. Nowadays there are an estimated 35.000 coworking spaces worldwide. Which are not a few! If you are an operator wondering how users can find […]

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Smart Tips for Lowering Overhead Costs in Coworking Spaces

Coworking spaces have been trending for years. And today, the industry makes $26 billion (€21.45 billion) annually. As previously discussed here on HWL, the appeal of coworking spaces most likely comes from the fact that they revolutionised the way we work. In addition, these spaces build communities that let us take what is arguably our best aspect as […]

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