Tips and Tricks for Fostering an Inclusive Coliving Space

Remote work has been largely normalised in the digital age, prompting the need for coliving spaces that allow individuals to do tasks from anywhere. The popularity of these spaces can also be partly attributed to the rising cost of living. In the United Kingdom alone, rent prices increased by 4.2% in 2022. With the increased […]

Coliving Tech Tools [Download Pdf Guide]

Technology for coliving businesses At HWL we started developing coliving projects five years ago. Since then, technology has evolved a lot. Initially, no tool centralised the management of the business, or PMS (Property Management Systems) or management software for coworking spaces. Nowadays, we have a wide range of options and alternatives. In a nutshell, coliving […]

Coplaces: the hybridisation of coworking and coliving


An inevitable merger: Coliving + coworking The normalisation of remote working impacts people’s lifestyles by changing how we live and work. This change means that spaces must adapt to offer a solution to the need to work from anywhere in the world. The traditional office has become less important in favour of coworking which allows […]