Looking for a coworking or coliving operator to manage your property?

Why coliving and coworking are attractive investments Coliving and coworking are a very attractive investment opportunity as they are flexible real estate solutions that offer higher returns than traditional residential and office rentals. The rate of return for both is between 7% and 11%. For this reason, real estate companies, investment funds, traditional developers, asset […]

Coworking Europe 2022

Coworking Europe a global community It was exciting to reconnect with industry peers and meet new colleagues from all over the world, from the United States to Japan. It has been 3 years since the last face-to-face edition, which was held in Warsaw. This year we have found a mature market with consolidated and experienced […]

Sustainable Certifications for coworking and coliving

Sustainability is a major discussion topic across all industries worldwide, being the coworking and coliving industries part of the movement. Many introduce and promote best practices that foster sustainability in all its three forms (economic, environmental and social), but sometimes it can be very hard either to know how to move forward in terms of […]