Sustainable Certifications for coworking and coliving

Sustainability is a major discussion topic across all industries worldwide, being the coworking and coliving industries part of the movement. Many introduce and promote best practices that foster sustainability in all its three forms (economic, environmental and social), but sometimes it can be very hard either to know how to move forward in terms of […]

European Freelancers Week

We celebrate the European Freelancers Week The European Freelancers Week is a 10-day event designed to connect with other peers, learn, share, solve freelancers challenges, drive solutions and starting new collaborations through #EFWeek2020. This is call all European coworking spaces, and freelancers communities encouraged to participate by organising local events from the 16th to 25th […]

Coworking, accelerator or incubator, what’s the best choice for a startup?

Coworking spaces have grown exponentially in the last ten years across the globe, taking different shapes and transforming the way we work. This phenomenon has introduced the CO-culture sneaking itself into different kind of spaces and businesses such as research and development institutes, incubators, accelerators, innovation hubs, maker spaces, etc, and nowadays even hotels and/or […]