Building up online coworking communities

The growth of the virtual networks The outbreak has pushed coworking spaces putting its regular activities and operations on hold while the world adapts to physical distance and prevention measures. To put the coronavirus at bay, we have stayed at home for almost three months, and people have quickly learnt how to keep connected both […]

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Prevention measures against COVID-19 for coworking spaces

COVID-19 lockdown We will all remember 2020 as the COVID-19 outbreak year but also for the year of change. Since January the world is facing a health war with several deaths (according to John Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center there are 3.357.450 confirmed infected people and 238.50 confirmed deaths worldwide dated on 2nd of May), physical […]

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How to open a coworking space business


Start your coworking business without assuming much more risk, optimizing profitability and adding value to the community If you are new in this sector and going to open a coworking or coliving space, you will surely come up with questions such as: What can be the best location for my space? What dimensions and characteristics […]

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