Coworking tech tools [Download Tech Guide]

How do you choose the right technology solution for your coworking? Technology is a catalyst for coworking spaces because it streamlines the functioning of processes and operations that consume valuable time in coworking spaces. It also provides a significantly improved user experience and facilitates interactions between members of the coworking space community. Since a little […]

Coliving Tech Tools [Download Pdf Guide]

Technology for coliving businesses At HWL we started developing coliving projects five years ago. Since then, technology has evolved a lot. Initially, no tool centralised the management of the business, or PMS (Property Management Systems) or management software for coworking spaces. Nowadays, we have a wide range of options and alternatives. In a nutshell, coliving […]

Coliving and Coworking Management Softwares

On a previous occasion, we have granted you readers with a list of coworking management softwares since we strongly believe that technology not only increases productivity and optimizes resources but also adds value to the final product. Therefore, this article wishes to expand on the topic of technology in coliving and coworking spaces. There are […]