Coliving and Coworking Management Softwares

On a previous occasion, we have granted you readers with a list of coworking management softwares since we strongly believe that technology not only increases productivity and optimizes resources but also adds value to the final product. Therefore, this article wishes to expand on the topic of technology in coliving and coworking spaces.

There are three main dimensions that technology can cover in both coliving and coworking spaces:

  • Operations management: back-of-office operations such as finance, accounting and marketing as well as customer services such as print management, booking services and visitor management.
  • Facility management: access control, smart lockers, energy saving, security, among various others.
  • Community management: gadgets and apps that connect members with each other as well as a line of communication between the company and its members. 

Technological solutions oftentimes cover more than one dimension so as to make the solution more complete. In the following paragraphs there are various examples of technological solutions that cover different needs addressed to coworking and coliving spaces.

Management Softwares

Property management softwares are the most complete solutions of them all since they usually take on various features from the three mentioned dimensions (operations, facility and community management).

For example, The Housemonk is a management software for colivings. Within its application it automates the billing and payments of the colivers, as well as allowing a community management tool in which it provides a communication channel between the administration and the colivers as well as between the colivers and create events. In addition, it provides a platform where colivers can declare an incident and request maintenance. See the case study here.

Another example is Nexudus, which is addressed to coworking spaces. Their solution covers plenty of all three dimensions: booking management, CRM (customer relationship management), finance (invoicing and accounting), inventory management and community management, aside from business reporting. 

Lastly, Witco addresses both coworking and coliving spaces. In their app they include booking management (members can book offices, common rooms and/desks), community management (internal communication, creation of events, newsletter), visitor management, and provide business insights and statistics. Members can also report incidents. 

This type of solutions usually are white-labeled, enabling companies to customize the solution to their own branding. These also have integrations with other SaaS (software as a service), which enable the simultaneous usage of two different technological solutions that complement each other. For example, Nexudus can be integrated with Salto (access control) and Ezeep (print management).

Access Control

Aside from relieving work load from employees, electronic access controls grant coworkings the opportunity to offer their members 24/7 access to their workspace, a feature that adds great value to a membership since the coworking adapts to the members and not the other way around. Colivings benefit as well from the implementation of such since, if adopted correctly, the business can go without a reception and thus reduce costs.

Salto is one of the leading companies in the market. See case studies for a coworking space in Amsterdam and a coliving (student housing) in Sydney.

Print Management

Ezeep offers this type of solution, which simplifies all processes related to printing, ensuring a smooth and efficient printing service. The solution allows the establishment of different prices and printing limits according to the memberships as well as provides reports and insights on the service usage. See case study here.

Booking Management

Another great workload reliever is a booking management solution. Members can book common areas, offices and desks on their own, synchronizing everyone’s calendar and each room’s availability. From parking lots, meeting rooms, event spaces and any other feature up to reservation, coworkings and colivings are able to leave this task up to technology to conduct it efficiently and effectively. 

Humly is an example of such a solution. Integratable with Nexudus, Microsoft and Google, the Swedish company offers both digital screens to elevate the property spaces as well as a booking management app and system for your members and employees.

Community Management: Perks

Last month’s blog entry was all about the importance of offering perks to your members as well as the different types of perks (see post here). After acknowledging the impact perks have on communities, we can search for ways to level it up and one way is by digitizing such. offers coworkings and residential buildings the opportunity to provide their members a user-friendly and easy way to use their corresponding perks. 

And the list goes on…

There are countless ways to automate and digitize processes in coworking and coliving spaces. Some processes are of usual companies, such as accounting and finance, marketing and CRMs while others are more specific to the industry. 

Although many processes can be automated and numerous technological solutions are available on the market, companies (whether coworking, coliving or any other type of business) must bear in mind that not all processes should be automated and that the implementation of technology must be done by properly assessing the company’s needs. If you wish to bring your business to the next century with the deployment of technology, contact us! We’ll be happy to help.

Cover image: Wheelhouse Coworking in Amsterdam.

This article was written by Agustina Paradela.