10 social media ideas for Coworking and Coliving spaces

Let’s take the following example. David is new in town and is looking for a Coworking space to work in. A cosy place, close to home, affordable but above all a place where he can make contacts and friends. One day he receives an ad on Instagram from John’s Coworking: “Meet your neighbours! 25% OFF […]

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Why is it important for small businesses to monitor employee’s performance

Small businesses are experiencing a major change in the way they run their business due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. Globally a large number of companies have shifted to work from home policy to maintain the safety of their employees. In such scenarios small businesses are experiencing huge difficulty in monitoring employee productivity and performance. […]

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Coworking platforms to get members

coworking apps

Today where do you want to work from? A coworking space is more than sharing a simple workspace. What makes it different is its international atmosphere, its flexibility and its accessibility. Nowadays there are an estimated 35.000 coworking spaces worldwide. Which are not a few! If you are an operator wondering how users can find […]

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