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Today where do you want to work from?

A coworking space is more than sharing a simple workspace. What makes it different is its international atmosphere, its flexibility and its accessibility.

Nowadays there are an estimated 35.000 coworking spaces worldwide. Which are not a few! If you are an operator wondering how users can find you, several apps and platforms offer a wide range of flexible workspaces that users can book by the hour, weeks, and even monthly plans.

For the user, the benefits of using those platforms are the easy access to the vast diversity of spaces near them and the flexible plans. In addition, those platforms are addressed to professional nomads and companies and workers working remote or in hybrid mode. Finally, the advantages of coworking spaces are that they generate leads and incomes.

How do they work?

The platforms can be in web and app or both formats.

If you are a user, you have to create an account to reserve or consult the space directory. Then, you can select the desired location and filters; the search result will appear on the available map and list format. Finally, the space is selected, the plan that interests you the most, the payment is made, and you can access the chosen coworking through a QR code or the reservation confirmation.

If you are a space, you will also have to create your account, create your profile and describe your service information (location, products, images, etc).

The charging method will depend on the business model of the platform. For example, it can be a user-based model; the platform monetizes its service from the collection of hotdesks memberships from the user and pays the space an agreed amount per hour of use. On the other hand, it can be a space-based model; a monthly subscription payment for being part of the platform and have visibility or when the platform acts as a broker, taking a commission for sales made in dedicated desks, private offices, meeting rooms or events.

Our platforms recommendations

Here are some examples of coworking space platforms operating globally:


It is one of the leading web directories of global coworking spaces.

The space pays a subscription to be part of the platform. Coworker also charges a membership to the user to access all the spaces.


Another leading worldwide coworking app. Both the web and the app allows the user to book hotdesks seats and meeting rooms. It offers different plans by a pack of hours; if the hours of one month are not used, they accumulate for the next.

Membership can be used in the different spaces of any city.

The platform charges a membership to the user and pays the hour to the space. It also commissions the sales made to the space for the use of the meeting or event rooms.

One Coworking

It is a German application that operates globally and offers access to different coworking spaces under a monthly membership.

It has prices for individuals but also for companies and work teams in hybrid and remote working. The platform charges the membership to the user and pays the hour to the space.


It is a global flexible workspace localization and management application for corporate teams. In addition, it offers solutions to companies in hybrid working, such as the Hub & Spoke and memberships for both private offices and workstations.

Allows the booking both on the web and the app. The platform charges a membership to the user and pays the hour to the space.

In Spain we propose:

Coworking Spain

It is the first directory of coworking spaces and a reference in Spain.

The spaces pay a subscription to be part of the platform, and it charges for positioning on its website. It also acts as a broker, commissioning the space for the sales made.


The app allows booking hotdesks, meeting rooms, event rooms by the hour, or dedicated desks in Barcelona and Madrid. Enables users to choose between a pack of hours or membership.

It charges the user membership and pays the hour to the space. It also acts as a broker for the sale made.


It operates in some cities such as Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia or Ibiza, among others. It does not have an app, but the website allows reservations.

It offers a wide variety of spaces a part of coworking spaces, for example, music and photo studios, gyms, swimingpools, terraces, apartments, etc.


If you know of any other exciting coworking platform, please get in touch with us.


The article has been written by Sílvia Roselló, Intern Consultant Assistant at HWL.