How coworking has changed the world of work by OpenWork Agency

The power of serendipity There is some inevitable serendipity when working in coworking. It doesn’t matter if both parts are in different continents. HWL team really believes in this power, so today we re-post an article from Drew Jones, anthropologist, workplace experience designer, and founding partner of the OpenWork Agency in Austin. We also have […]

The future of work definetly is flexible

During the lockdown, we organised the Ouilearn #13 webinar for Ouishare. The title of this webinar was: Is the present of work flexible? And what about the future? We wanted to discuss how will the workspaces be and what flexible strategies will take organisations after the Covid-19 crisis. To address the issue, we invited four […]

Why you should consider transforming your corporate office in a coworking space

Transform your corporate office into an open internal coworking space First of all, let’s clarify one thing. Coworking is not an office with a cool design or cutting-edge technology. It is not a space that offers flexibility of use, perks, ergonomics, healthy and/or sustainable space. It is not designed furniture or a matter of certificates. […]