Coworking management software

When managing a coworking space, there is one important factor that you should make sure not to forget: it is a business. You’ll soon see that there are two things to look after, deal with, encourage and energise: the community, and the space. There are some handy coworking softwares and tools that will help you to manage both easily.

Managing coworking spaces

Bearing this in mind, technology has become an impressive method of communication for projects, businesses and companies. In a coworking space, the managers have to juggle a multitude of tasks every day to offer the best experience possible to their users. If you want to optimise time management, technology is a fundamental resource.

Thanks to the rise in numbers and popularity that the coworking industry is experiencing, and will experience in the upcoming years according to The Global Coworking Survey 2016, more and more software and tools are being designed specifically for this global market.

The best software to manage your coworking

Hereby some coworking management softwares to manage you coworking space:

Room reservation system

Choosing between one software or another will depend on your needs, objectives, budget and the complexity of the communications and services you want to manage. The platforms above have an intuitive interface, and they can integrate with other tools. Sometimes they include a complete pack of benefits with which, alongside the daily tasks (making invoices, reserving rooms, access), you could create and share events (both free and paying), send and monitor emails to your community, create reports evaluating the performance of the business or in a specific area… Nexudus, for example, also offers a white label web editor which is highly customisable.

Remember that many of the daily management processes can be simplified considerably if they are digitalised. This allows you to save time and concentrate on your priorities.

Normally, when opening a coworking space, you wouldn’t think that software would be a necessary tool for managing it – especially if you are managing everything yourself, or you have a small team. But while your community grows and the activity of the space increases, the number of management tasks will also increase. This ‘manual’ management of all the work and processes will get even more complex. While the time you have to do everything remains the same: 24 hours per day.

So this is our advice: incorporate these tools into the daily management and work methodology of your team. Choose what you consider to be the best tools for you and test them to work out which fit with your space, community and team. With a bit of perseverance and patience, you’ll see that you’ll save time on repetitive tasks, you’ll be able to measure and analyse important actions, and most importantly, improve your company’s productivity.

This article has been written by Jessica LG, and published on Vanessa Sans Linkedin’s.

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