Why do coworking spaces need a soul?

The power of the community

Coworking spaces are made of professional communities where members interact professionally and socially, they grow individually and collectively in a community. An active and empowered community is very powerful.

In my case, I created the community before opening my coworking space. I opened the coworking with the space half done but in conditions to work comfortably. My community helped me to paint the walls of the space which had about 1000m2. After a while, we organised an event for artists who decorated the walls with the art projects they made in live during the event.

A community could be very powerful if you stimulate and manage it well. It will bring your business and personal benefits.

Why the branding is important

A coworking space needs a soul because of the brand identity and corporate branding.

When building up the branding, we should make to ourselves questions such as “Who are we?”, “How do our public see us?”, “How do we want they see us” and a very important question like “What do we want to achieve?” or “How far do we want to go? ”.

All these questions allow us to find out which strategy we are going to take, clearly marking all the actions and steps to improve, in order to reach our goals as a brand and as a business.

The branding is a tactic to analyze where are you as a company, and where do you want to be, because the brand has to be build up day by day, as your community, which is the element that stands out your brand.

Ouishare is the biggest and a global sharing economy platform. This a good example of how to build a successful community and identity brand. That is the branding of the company.

The soul in a coworking space is the community. So, the more powerful is your community, the more powerful will be your brand.

We need a powerful brand to increase the company incomes. If we have a powerful brand and community, the business will grow and consequently the following:

  • The occupancy: one member brings another one.
  • Members retention %: members stay because they build up professional and personal relationships with other members which could be broken if they leave the space.
  • Increase the rent of meeting rooms
  • Increase the number of events as well as the services offered to organize the event.
  • You can start offering paid training and workshops.
  • Increase the number of services offered to your coworkers: As you have more members, there have more needs.

A powerful community increases your company incomes.

Featured image provided by OneCowork.

This was written by HWL agency partner Vanessa Sans and also posted on her Linkedin.

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