Tips to organise a succesful coworking event

Events are a good marketing tool to attract members

When starting to run a coworking space, events are among the best tools to make your space known. Events are a prominent feature of your coworking as well as a marketing tool to attract potential coworkers.

Any kind of event could happen in coworking spaces: an opening party, professional meet-ups, talks, art exhibitions, workshops, master classes, seminars, conferences, hackathons, live music concerts, after work events, cinema sessions, wine or beer tastings, etc.

If you are a newbie coworking space manager or intending to launch one, you may take into account different factors that will help you to create an event successfully. Here are some tips:


As you may well know, content is king. First of all; make sure that the content is top as well as aligned to your strategy, company values and philosophy, and community interests.

If you are planning to host a workshop, talk or conference, you might want to pay attention on the quality of the speaker or facilitator – make sure that he/she is keen on speaking.

Communication and promotion

Before the event

Publish the event on your website, in your events section, calendar or blog post and spread the word.

There are some free online platforms (if entry to your event is also free) where you can publish it in the aim of reaching potential participants. The most commonly used are Meetup and Event Brite but every country has different ones; you should check them out. These platforms allow you to collect all emails from your attendees. Data is key for your coworking business.

Another effective tool is to create an event on Facebook. This can make your event viral and enable it to reach a large number of people.

Promote the event in your monthly newsletter or send a single newsletter exclusively about the event. The newsletter is a direct marketing tool that will effectively promote and sell your event.

When the event is relevant, for example, an important hackathon or conference, send a press release to your media contacts.

Last but not least, make sure that the organiser, speakers, facilitators or artists taking part in the event are powerful, popular people. Check how many followers they have on social media.

During the event

Go streaming on Twitter and make a live video on Facebook or Instagram. Let your online community know what is happening in your coworking space at that time.

After the event

Take good pictures and make a nice video. IF you are not good at taking pics and taking videos look for a professional. You can also publish the Storify of the event.

Sponsors, partnerships and collaborators

When reaching out to a sponsor, make sure you understand the value of the event for him, otherwise, he/she won’t be interested anymore. Understand sponsor needs and goals and design a creative and coherent proposal. Drink brands like beers, wines and juices are very reachable. A photocall company could be also interested and are great for fun parties.

Partnerships are a bit easier but here again, check their value. Partners will help you to share the word.

Some of your coworkers will be happy to collaborate and help you during the event. Just make sure that they are happy with the compensation.


Production is the hardest part of any event.  You should create a previous check-list with all material needed that you may need to rent; such as chairs, tables, a projector, screen, sound equipment, food, drinks and good music. Set up everything to make the room a great place for an awesome event.

Once the party is on, have fun and be a good host and PR!

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