Protocol for coworking managers

How to manage conflicts in your coworking space

The protocol for coworking managers is an internal document for exclusive use by the manager of the space. State the action plan which should be carried out to prevent incidents, as well as measures to take if a situation of conflict arises.
In order to carry out this protocol, it is essential to first identify the ‘typical’ situations in which you could find yourself in your coworking space.

Some of these could be:

  • Outstanding payments.
  • Application of the right of admission.
  • Conflicts/disputes between coworkers.
  • Conflicts/disputes between professionals in the same sector.
  • Conflicts/disputes between a coworker and a manager.
  • Complaints from the neighbors about noise.
  • Police visits to one of your events.
  • Audits or inspections of the businesses housed in your coworking.
  • Liability for damage due to the misuse of furniture.
  • Failure to comply with the basic rules of sharing spaces (silence, respect, privacy…)

Better safe than sorry!

This article is been written by Vanessa sans, HWL partner, and it is been also published on her Linkedin.

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