Happy Working, what an experience!

HWL is a coworking consultancy agency focused on new working models.

We offer consultancy for the opening and management of coworking spaces and social workplaces. Coworking training for future space managers. Corporate coworking services aimed at helping companies by increasing flexibility in their business structure through workshops based on new ways of working.

Coworking is an evolution of collaborative work due to new economic and social values and the previous unemployment issues in Europe and US over the past 5 years. It is also a new lifestyle adopted by a new generation of entrepreneurs who clearly know what they want:
Collaborate with other professionals
Working in a professional community enables synergies in a natural way and consequently can increase your number of projects.

You manage your working time.
Your social life drastically improves
You make new friends and at the same time, your professional network increases significantly.
You are more productive
Working in a collaborative environment, your productivity and inspiration are at a higher level than working alone and isolated at home.
Every day you learn new things
Coworking spaces are pure sources of knowledge where people share experiences and ideas continuously, you will become an expert in fields that you never would imagine.
Working within a relaxed and comfortable space, as if you were at home
The coworking space is made by you and for you. Work wherever you feel more comfortable and relaxed, on the sofa or on the terrace enjoying the sun. Paint this white and boring wall that you see in front of you every day with a nice illustration or graffiti. Welcome your customers in the meeting room. Have a break playing table tennis. And even bring your dog to work with you!
Attending events
Coworking spaces are content, knowledge and networking generators. Start your day with a yoga session and finish it with a workshop. Have a beer with someone interesting that you have just met at the workshop.
If you only need an internet connection to work, then work, whilst travelling around the world using different coworking spaces thanks to the services of Copass platform and Coworking Visa.
And much more benefits!
Start now!
If you are ready to try the coworking experience, search for your space on CoworkingSpain.com (the main collaborative coworking directory). If you are situated in Barcelona, go straight to Betahaus, a 5-floor building with an amazing and dynamic community of about 200 people. Located in Gracia and without a doubt the best coworking space in the city.