Coworking Europe Conference 2019

We are going to Coworking Europe Conference!

Coworking Europe, one of the most important coworking gatherings, this year will take place on November 13-15th, in Warsaw, Poland. Organizers have announced, that for the 10th edition of this event more than 600 professionals from 55 countries will anticipate. It will address the different audiences: from new entrepreneurs coworking operators  to successful start-up companies and real estate operators. Together they will discuss the coworking industry, trends, needs, operations, community issues, future of work and best management practices.

During these three days, hot topics will be the annual Global Coworking Survey, Smart City concepts, making a coworking as part of global mobility packages, buildings as a flexible workspace environment, rural coworking – key points to success, building community, the role that coworking can play to boost local innovation…..

Vanessa Sans and Jordi Subiras (HWL partners and Betahaus Barcelona managers) will participate on November 14th. They will facilitate a workshop on one of its projects: A coworking hub 6000m2. During the workshop, the audience will learn how to develop a coworking project from the market study to the implementation.

Since, HWL is a global European consulting agency specialized in the new models of the sharing economy, specifically coworking and coliving, this will be an opportunity for all those who want to expand knowledge in these areas during CWE Conference with Vanessa and Jordi.

Vanessa Sans has been the core team member of Coworking Europe for more than 5 years. Jordi Subiras is the founder and CEO of Betahaus Barcelona. Nowadays both are running together Betahaus, as managers and giving consultancy all over Europe within HWL.

Coworking Europe Conference will be a chance to see all the insights regarding the rise of Coworking and its impact on entrepreneurship, innovation and, overall, the future of the workplace.

See you in Warsaw!!!

This blog post has been written by Predrag Petrovic from HWL