10 social media ideas for Coworking and Coliving spaces

Let’s take the following example.

David is new in town and is looking for a Coworking space to work in. A cosy place, close to home, affordable but above all a place where he can make contacts and friends.

One day he receives an ad on Instagram from John’s Coworking: “Meet your neighbours! 25% OFF on Coworking space”. It catches David’s eye. However, instead of clicking on the ad, he decides to visit his Instagram profile.

Most of the posts on the profile were photos of the space and office offers. And although the space looked very nice, it wasn’t enough. David dismissed Coworking and kept scrolling through his feed.

What would John’s Coworking profile have to have looked like for David to be interested?

Find out the answer in this article.

Social Media Targeting for Coworking and Coliving

First of all, let’s get one thing clear. The aim of paid channels in Coworking and Coliving spaces is to increase reach and lead generation in the short term, whereas organic content for these types of businesses aims to position the brand and build community loyalty in the long term.

What does this mean? John’s ad may have helped David discover Coworking, but if the profile had been relevant to David, he probably would have followed it and remembered it tomorrow.

Social Media for coworking and coliving spaces is a tool to convey the coworking space experience, values and community profile virtually.

10 Social Media post ideas for Coworking and Coliving Spaces

After several audits and analysis of spaces at Happy Working Lab we have been able to identify the types of Social Media content with the highest engagement in the sector.

We have compiled 10 examples of types of content on Instagram from the lowest to the highest engagement.

Scroll to the bottom to discover the most successful post type in the industry.

10. Promotions and offers

This type of post is used to share the rates of products and services in the space such as discounts and limited time offers.



9. Branding

This type of content is used to achieve a visual impact with the visual identity of the brand. For example logo animations, typographic interventions, quotes and illustrations.



8. Benefits & attributes of the space

This type of content is very common among coworking and coliving spaces. They are usually photos of the architecture and design of the space accompanied by a copy with a feature or benefit of the service. For example the natural light, the design furniture, the interior plants, the terrace, the views, etc.



7. In collaboration with a member

A very frequent practice of Coworking or Coliving spaces is to promote the services of their members in the space’s Networks. Members take advantage of this section to introduce themselves, comment on a topic of their expertise and sell their professional services.



6. Community activities

Posting before, during or after a community event. A highly recommended practice is to take photos and record videos during the event and then share a short film summarising the experience. Take this opportunity to thank participants and contributors by mentioning their profiles to boost the post.



5. Tips and news of interest

Useful and valuable content for community members. These are usually guides about the neighbourhood or the city where the space is located as well as tips on specific topics relevant to our audience. For example productivity, wellness, entrepreneurship, work-life-balance, etc.



4. Everyday moments

Some of the hardest shots to capture. They are those casual moments in the community where a picture is worth a thousand words. It allows the user to perceive the atmosphere and the daily life in the space.



3. Humour (memes)

At the end of the story, we are talking about social media and social media is meant to be entertaining. No wonder memes and humorous content are in the top 3 of the most interacted post types.



2. Special dates

Community Manager’s Day, Christmas, New Year’s Day, Animal Day, Women’s Day, to name a few, are an opportunity to publicly acknowledge and thank our members for their work and effort. These types of publications always give good results because members usually appreciate with likes, comments and by sharing it with their network.



1. Introduction of a member

And finally in the number one spot, the introduction of a beloved coworker or coliver. At the end of the day coworking and coliving spaces are a community and the community responds when it comes to them as protagonists. The best practice for this type of content is to make a video interview. Long or short, the secret is to make it entertaining and original.



In short, the less you talk about the business and the more you talk about the people, the higher the engagement of the posts. That’s what John’s coworking should have done.

This article was written by Candela Fonte, Lead Researcher and Marketing Consultant at Happy Working Lab.