Web Strategy and Optimisation

Web Strategy

Strategy to define and structure your website and its content aiming to improve your sales

Your business website is your main sales channel, the first place a potential customer goes to find out about your space and your services.

The website has to be well-defined and structured, friendly use and has to be able to explain clearly who you are, what do you offer and what makes your coworking or coliving space stand out.

One of the most common mistakes of coworking and coliving spaces we have detected is having an awful website that doesn’t transmit what do you do and what do you offer among other errors. If your website traffic is low, the bounce rate is high, and you have a short average session duration; surely you are not getting leads at all. No worry, help is at hand.

To reach your potential customer and improve your conversions, we elaborate a website audit to detect the problems and propose improvements according to your coworking business model. Then, we develop a document that will help your web developer or web designer and copywriting to build up a well-defined and structured website that will improve your branding and sales.

What is included?
  • Business model understanding meeting.
  • Web audit.
  • Definition of web objectives
  • Briefing document for the web designer and the copywriter to build up website.
  • Meetings for resolution of questions and doubts web designer.

Price: From 700€ (vat not included)

Get the most of your main sales channel, every visit is a potential customer