Online consultancy

If you have specific questions we can help you quickly through an online video consultancy

If you are going to open a coworking or coliving business, a sort of doubts and questions surely will arise: legal aspects to take into account, what is the best location, how many meters squares do you need to capitalize the business, is your layout good enough to optimize revenues per meter square, what hospitality services you need to offer, etc.

On the other hand, if you already run a coworking space but isn’t working well, it could be that you are not carrying out the right strategies to attract or retain members, perhaps you need a hand to differentiate your space from the competitors, or maybe you are not adding value to your tenants.

What is included?
  • The file registered during the video conference.

Pricing: 40€/hour (vat is not included)

Choose your hourly pack indicating your availability for the online consultancy