Business Model Feasibility

Business Model Feasibility

If you are about to open a coworking space this pack will help you to define your business model and to project the financial profitability

Business Model Feasibility Pack to help real estate professionals and entrepreneurs to get the best economics for their future coworking or coliving business.

We show the financial study it in 2 ways:
1) Monthly breakdown over 60 months
2) Annual breakdown over 5 years.

We start by doing a benchmarking around space location to design the service and pricing model. We also create space allocation program that can be used by an architect to design the space layout. Finally, we carry out a comprehensive 5 years financial study containing monthly and annual breakdown of Revenues and Operational Expenses, Profit and Loss balance (monthly and annual), monthly Cash Flow over the 5 years, Capital Expenses, and the Financial and Space KPI’s. We include various charts and graphs and regular meetings to co-create with the customer during the process.

The study will help you to have a financial picture of your business and can be used to present for requesting a loan from a bank or to get potential investors.

What is included?
  • Benchmarking.
  • Space allocation.
  • Services and pricing model.
  • Monthly and annual breakdown over 5 years: Revenues + OPEX + P & L + CashFlow.
  • CAPEX.
  • KPI’s: IRR, VPN, ROI, Break-even point, Revenue per Sqm, Revenue per Member, Opex per Member.
  • Charts and graphs.
  • Conclusions.

Price: From 1.700€ (vat not included)

Get the most of your coworking business model and its economics