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vanessa sans
We are a coworking consultancy. 

We offer consultancy for the opening and management of coworking spaces and colivings. Training and courses aimed at helping coworking operators achieve optimum results for their space and community. And corporate coworking services, we help organizations to increase flexibility in their business structure through team building dynamics and workshops based on new ways of working.

Happy Working Lab is the personal project of Vanessa Sans.

An entrepreneur and coworking activist with a passion for innovative working models and social work environments. Her goal is to enjoy life, learn, travel and grow as a human being.

I never felt comfortable working for the traditional labour market, this discomfort inevitably lead me to discover coworking culture and join the movement some years ago.

She works in the coworking sector since 2012.

Founder of transforma bcnProject Manager of . She also collaborates with Coworking Spain.

Happy Working Lab’s team is characterized by its flexibility and multiculturalism. We collaborate with the best coworking experts for each particular project.

If you want to find out more about Vanessa please visit her LinkedIn profile.