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Happy Working Lab is an agency focused on coworking and new working environments

Our services:
Consultancy for the opening and management of coworking spaces and social workplaces
Coworking training aimed at helping coworking operators achieve optimum results for their space and community
Corporate coworking services to help organizations to increase flexibility in their business structure and productivity


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      This is an internal document for exclusive use by the manager of the space. State the action plan which should be carried out to prevent incidents, as well as measures to take if a situation of conflict arises. In order to carry out this protocol, it …

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      The coworking contract will help you to define the rights and duties that correspond to all the people involved in your coworking space. Once your space is ready to open, the next legal aspects you’ll be grappling with will be to do with the relationship between …

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  • Vanessa in a short time has become an essential reference for the coworking scene. Her contribution and collaboration to the coworking conference organisation at national and international levels has been relevant in the last few years. In addition, she has a recommended expertise for the creation and the management of professional communities.

  • Vanessa is a great, reliable professional, who can work within any kind of international environment. Vanessa is always looking for the solution and never stops in front of a problem. Vanessa is very committed to any project and team she works with. It has always been a pleasure to collaborate with her.