Operator Procurement Support

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Looking for a Branded Coworking or Coliving Operator to Run your Property?

If you want a higher return on your property, whether it is a residential or office asset, we can help you find the Coworking and/or Coliving operator that best suits your needs to manage the building.

Suppose you have an asset and are looking for a Coworking and/or Coliving operator with a consolidated brand and multi-locations to manage your property. In that case, we can help you to hire the most suitable one through a competitive bidding process.

We first confirm that the asset is valid for this type of business through local market analysis and develop a feasibility study to determine the business potential. Once we know the profitability and financial projection of the project, we will initiate a bidding process to hire the operator that will exploit your property under the management agreement most suitable for you, always advised by us.

How does it work?

We carry out the bidding process in the following steps:

  • Feasibility Study
  • Bidders List Selection
  • Bidders List Evaluation
  • Request For Proposal and Scope of Work
  • Tender Support, Evaluation and Negotiation

Why Choose Our Operator Procurement Support Services?

At HWL, we’re passionate about Coworking, Coliving and Coplaces; we believe in their power to transform how we work and live. We have more than ten years of industry experience and have a deep understanding of coworking and coliving sectors.

We organised Coworking Europe, Coworking India, Coworking Africa and Spain conferences for 6 years, allowing us to meet first-hand large operators worldwide.

Our extensive experience and knowledge over more than ten years allowed us to create a huge network of coworking and coliving operators across the globe and build strong relationships with them. 

If you have a property considering operating as Coworking or Coliving through a branded operator, we can find the most suitable for you

What Clients Say About Us

«HWL has unbeatable experience, from branding insights to strategic advice. HWL team know-how, experience and sponsors contacts were key to launch the opening of our second coworking space.The Mk strategy designed clearly contributed to the success of our launching.»

Ruth Palacio, founder at Coworkidea.

Credits: Coworkidea

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Credits: Coworkidea

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