Legal Solutions

We offer legal solutions to coworking and coliving businesses

The legal regulations and all those legal aspects that affect your coworking and / or coliving space are vital for the survival and proper functioning of your business. As you may know, coworking and coliving both have an ‘unknown’ activity under the legal rules established to date in Europe (and also outside of Europe), no specific licence exists for both activities.

We collaborate with lawyers specialized in the new business models of the collaborative economy and digital businesses that can advise and accompany you from the start: activity licence, leasing property contract, elaboration of contracts for your clients, advice on possible legal conflicts, GDPR, privacy and cybersecurity, etc.

What are our legal solutions?
  • Activity licence.
  • Leasing property contract.
  • Coworking contract.
  • Coliving contract.
  • GDPR.
  • Privacy.
  • Cybersecurity.

Our legal rates are not based on hours.

We care for your business security and your personal tranquility. First consultation call is free.